We understand that people often require quick access to the information they need. This page contains links to webpages and action plans, as well as printable information sheets and booklets.

General Resources for St Vincent's Hospital Patients, Families and Carers

  • Aboriginal Health Unit - providing support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander inpatient and outpatients including families and carers
  • Accommodation for visitors - details of local accommodation for patients, families and carers at St Vincent's Hospital Sydney
  • Visiting hours - information about visiting hours st St Vincent's Hospital Sydney
  • What to pack for hospital - a checklist of what to bring to hospital to ensure you have everything you need to keep you comfortable while staying with us

Patient Information Sheets, Webpages, Booklets and Action Plans


Cardiac Rehabilitation


Cardiac Surgery

Coronary Angiogram & Stenting

Depression and Anxiety

  • Mindspot - free telephone and online services, including screening assessments for adults experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety
  • Beyond Blue Support Service - telephone, online and email counselling for people going through a tough time
  • MoodGYM - a free self help program that teaches skills to help prevent and manage symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • This way up - provides online courses which have been clinically proven to lessen anxiety and depression


Healthy Eating & Weight Loss

Heart Disease

  • Heart Attack Action Plan - the Heart Foundation's step by step guide on what to do if you think you are having a heart attack
  • Quitline - information and advice to help you quit smoking
  • Types of Chest Pain Table - a guide explaining some of the common causes, signs and symptoms of chest pain

Heart Failure

Heart Transplant

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

  • Salt calculator -  a calculator which converts sodium listed on food products into grams of salt or vise versa


  • NPS MedicineWise - evidence based information on medicines available in Australia


Pulmonary Hypertension

Travelling -  by air for heart patients

Travelling - by car for heart patients

Travel Assistance for Isolated Patients in NSW

Ventricular Assist Devices (VADS)

  • HeartWare - a website about ventricular assist devices for patients and families
(available when viewing online)